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The registration process will be in three stages.

Stage I: Submission of long abstracts

To present a paper at the Spring Meeting of Young Economists, please submit an extended abstract of your paper before December 1, 2007. For that purpose, send us your abstract at the following address [email protected] as an attached word or pdf document.

Make sure that your abstract is no longer than 10 000 characters (title included) and that your name don’t appear in your long abstract because of the “double-blind” process. Note that abstracts longer than 10 000 characters will not be considered and that your abstract must be in english. Figures and equations are not allowed.

To make the submission treatment easier, write "submission" as subject of your message and "surname_firstname" as title of your attached word or pdf document. We also ask you to attach the application form entirely completed and to rename it like the long abstract ("surname_firstname.xls").

You will be notified about the decision of the program committee via e-mail until mid-February 2008. In case of your acceptance, please proceed with Stage II.

Panneau haut
Summary : How to submit your article ?

Send an e-mail to [email protected] with your abstract and the completed application form attached.

Title of the mail: "submission"
Title of the attached abstract: "surname_firstname.pdf" or "surname_firstname.doc"
Title of the attached application form: "surname_firstname.xls"

Stage II: Confirmation of participation, Payment of registration fee

Stage III: Upload of full papers


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